"The interface between idea and implementation"

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Customer service is my top priority.

Over the years, I have experienced what bad customer service really creates. From both standpoints, as a desperate customer and as an employee of companies with a focus on the wrong ends, I have seen the negative effects of selfish leadership. And I'm over it. 

I want to recreate what good customer service means. The customer comes first - just like it was always supposed to be. 

The story

The vision turned into a mission. It started off as an idea to share international personal and professional experiences with people that are in similar positions, and strengthened into the goal of connecting people across the globe for situations in all shapes and forms. ​

Building a network with a cross-border representation and being an all-in-one contact for international projects is the dream that got me where I am today. Wide-ranging experiences through my move from Germany to the U.S. resulted in coming together to share knowledge and help others create more and worry less. 

Let's grow your personal success and career internationally, and build outstanding lives on two continents.

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