Beratung Termin Buchung


I offer service packages for a variety of needs, with great choices to help you manage the challenges in your life. All of my offers are flexible and fully customizable depending on the circumstances and experiences of each specific client. If you are looking for temporary or long term support, we can come up with your personalized package together.

Before jumping ahead with any bookings, I take the time to get to know you and your situation with an assessment meeting. This free, non-binding discussion will help determine if I am a good fit for your goals and whether to move forward into the process of a joint consultation. It is the perfect way to get all your questions answered and discuss which service is best for your needs. 

Timeline of our work together

Assessment Meeting

For our initial talk we will discuss what you are looking to do, my initial strategies we can execute, your budget, and the next steps.

Book a Service

My plans range from hourly to project based. Once we decide on what plan works best for your project, we set up our contract, and get ready to start planning.


First Consulting Session

At your first session, we start strategizing everything in your project to make sure it goes as planned. I take this time to learn more about you, your goals for the result and exactly how you would like this journey to look like.


Concept and Action Plan

After our first sessions you will receive a detailed Concept and Action Plan with instructions on how to prepare for and support your project, as well as a summary of how we are going forward.

Further Consulting Performance

I include pre-session research and reflection so that we can make the most of our time together. After our sessions, I will sketch a summary of everything we discussed and provide you with a recap, no need to take notes. I also provide a progress report with additional resources and further information. With a personalized client portal you always have access to all your files. 


I show you the essentials for a successful transition.