J. Davis International Europäisch Amerikanischer Kunden Service


I connect you with the people you need!

Being on your own with your idea or problem in a new country with a foreign language, culture and mentality can be intimidating and sometimes impossible to find the answers you need. I help you manage your project, inform you about what you need to do and to know, where to go and who to speak to. I connect you with the necessary local experts, specifically for your project. 

I provide comprehensive solutions to foreign matters with interest perception in particular in the following areas as shown further below on this page.

Consulting for your needs

The answers to your questions

Wondering about a 401k, buying a US house without a local bank account, renting a US apartment while overseas, understanding of foreign contracts, getting an American Social Security Number or opening a US business as a European?

J. Davis International Business Consulting for foreigners and expats about life in the US

“I show you what to look out for, when you will need help and where to get that help. I show you what issues you are going to run into, and how to resolve those issues. I show you what team you need and where you find that team. I show you the moments that require caution, and I will provide the plan to action."

J. Davis Internationaler Einkauf
Strategize International Purchases

Whether you are interested in purchasing real estate, vehicles or other property overseas, I guide you through the global challenges.

J. Davis Internationaler Import Export
Approach import/export projects

I help you maneuver through the difficulties of exporting & importing your belongings across the Atlantic Ocean.

J. Davis International Umzug in die USA
Navigate a move from Germany to the U.S.

An international move involves more than most people think. I share requirements and processes from other countries and implement them.

J. Davis International Büro in USA eröffnen
Start a new business overseas

I will help you with the obstacles of opening or transferring a business in the US or Europe, you do not have to do this alone. 


Long time experience, covering extensive aspects and projects.