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J. Davis International Service für Partner USA Experten


I connect you with the people that need you!

By being part of the JDI network for American-European connections, you reach into areas that have been difficult to reach before and offer help to international clients. 

J. Davis International covers the marketing and work you would need to be recognized by international customers. You have no extra work to get connected with a new market.

Together we connect the US and European markets with experience and open minds to develop different perspectives and achieve the outcomes you are striving for.

Professionals receive a personalized profile to be presented to the right clients. JDI selects only matching projects to your expertise. A new connection that requires no extra work. 

The JDI Network

Conveniently reach foreign clients

JDI Business Consulting for foreigners and expats about life in the US
Europäische und Amerikanische Experten verbinden

I connect people

The network involves international realtors (CIPS), accountants, lawyers, real estate attorneys, logistic experts, lenders, tax advisors, event organizers, inheritance attorneys, and more.​

I want to show you why your professional knowledge is so valuable and needed across borders. 

Let's chat about your business and motivation to help international clients.

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Questions about the Network?

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