J. Davis International Beratung für Europäische und Amerikanische Beziehungen


With expertise in both the American and European markets​, I specialize in assisting individuals and companies with their international purchases and sales, import and export, internationalization of business, as well as immigration and emigration.

I provide my clients with a wide range of services and contacts that will help them thrive and grow. Whether it’s finding the necessary team to purchase a U.S. vacation home, guiding them through their move to the U.S. from Europe, or walking with them through the process of building a new life overseas - I’m here for my clients!

My foundation is providing a network of highly skilled professionals that want to serve and assist others with their expertise. I do this with you, for you.

Tools, Guidance & Support

Consulting and beyond

In addition to consulting and coaching, I connect you with the needed experts, speak with city offices, advise on local laws, prepare documents, help with translations and more. 


Exceeding expectations with solutions customized to fit your specific needs.